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Some things.

There was a Defamer "Privacy Watch" sighting of Tyler Mane, and I didn't recognize the name, so of course I IMDBed him. Still didn't know who he was, but does anyone notice anything funny in his bio? More specifically, that one of his marriages lasted from 1988-2003 and the other from 1997-1999? They're like nesting dolls!

New Jens Lekman song! (Skip to track 3.) Well, not really new, as I've seen it live before, but the first recording I've heard. I miss Jens. When will he come back to Boston? :(

This week's Photo Friday is Dream. And I'm going to post this, because my dream is for Jens to come back to Boston:

I managed to tie two of these things together, but I just don't know how Tyler Mane fits in.

Wait, also, the dancing guys in Rufus's new video crack me right up.
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